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An engaged executive and a simple approach have been drivers of success implementing the #hellomynameis campaign at Mildura Base Hospital.

The campaign, founded in the UK by terminally ill cancer patient Dr Kate Grainger, focuses on the importance of introductions to improve communication between carers and patients.

The campaign was launched in Mildura Base Hospital following an incident with a patient, Sheryl, who visited the emergency department with her sick grandson. Follow-up investigations showed that staff did not introduce themselves to Sheryl, meaning she did not feel comfortable asking questions about her grandson’s care.

Later, as the hospital introduced the program, Sheryl contributed her artwork and her story to engage with staff.

“Getting Sheryl involved was really important, and we were able to utilise some of her artwork to implement the Hello Butterfly as part of the campaign,” said Steve Portelli, project lead at Mildura Base Hospital.

“It made it really colourful and bright, so staff were much more receptive.”

The service has also introduced new name tags which are simple and easy to read, together with posters involving staff photographs in each unit to build engagement.

The campaign was launched at an event where photographs of all the executive team holding up signs showed they were part of the campaign, which highlighted the message that this project was fully supported by leaders at the hospital.

For more information about how the program was implemented, please watch the video above.