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An organisational culture based on knowing each other and knowing each other’s roles is having a positive impact on the patient’s experience at Mildura Base Hospital.

The hospital has introduced the international #hellomynameis campaign, which focuses on carers introducing themselves to carers and explaining their role in the patient’s care.

“It is such a simple idea. It is so easy to forget to say your name,” said Dr Alison Walker, Director of Medical Services.

“When patients come in they are often anxious or nervous, but just seeing a friendly face and having someone tell them who they are is really vital to putting them at ease.”

The culture of introductions was also improving communication between carers, she said.

“We have a lot of doctors that rotate through here, and they don’t know anyone here. Having that culture of saying who you are and why you are there is really important,” Dr Walker said.

To hear more about the impact of the campaign on the patient experience, watch the video above.